Industrial and Light Rail Way
Narrow Gauge Models

On30 (16.5mm), On18 (9mm), HOn30 (9mm)

a division of "Narrow Garage"in Tokyo Japan

New SE15H Motor

On30 Plymouth HSG

On30 Mini Critter

HOn30 Brookvile Loco

HOn30 Tokachi KIHA 1 Proto

HOn30 Tokachi KIHA1 

HOn30 Okuyama SAHA

HOn30 Okuyama Type

HOn30 Tomakomai 2nd class

HOn30 Tomakomai 3rd class

HOn30 Tomakomai Baggage

HOn30 Amemiya Kou

HOn30 Amemiya Otsu

HOn30 Numajiri BOHAHU 11

HOn30 Nissha Railcar Bucket

HOn30 Nissha Railca Fence

HOn30 Kubiki Hoji Type

HOn30 Kujyuukuri Kiha

F&C Tender Conversion Kit

On30 Freelance 0-4-0 SL

On30 Kato 4ton GL Navy

On30 Feldbahn Type DL

On30 Coal Cars

On30 Kato 7ton DL

On30 Boggie Passenger Car

On30 Feldbahn Tyoe SL 

On30 Mine Car

On30 Rail Truck Car

On30 Hokuriku 4ton DL

On30 Hokuriku Motor Car

On30 Nanchiku Pax. Car

On30 Nanchiuku Petro Loco

On30 Flat Wood Car

On30 Flat Steel Car

On30 Gondora Car

On30 Isumi Type Railcar  
On30 Dump Car

HOn30 Logging 0-6-0 SL

HOn30 Logging 0-4-0 SL

On18 Industrial DL

On30 Kubiki Railway WA 14

On30 Mini Crane Car

On30 Mini Freight Train

On30 Mini Caboose

On30 Kiso Caboose

On18 Rail Car

On18 Open Cab GL

On18 Box Cab GL

On18 Hosokura Mine GL

On30 Kubiki Railway TOFU 1

On30 Kubiki Railway NIFU 1

 On30 Kubiki Railway HOJI 3

On30 Kubiki Railway TO 5

On30 Kubiki Railway HA 6

On30 Kubiki Railway DB81

On30 Mini Vertica lBoiler

On30 Steam Tram

 On30 Box Cab DL

On30 Pickup Motor Car

On30 Kiso Motor Car

On30 Iwate Fuji Crew Car

On30 Kusakaru Hoto110

On30 Kusakaru Hoha 30

On30 Kusakarur EL 

On30 Shizuoka DL

On30 Kato DL Cab

On30 Kiso Low Side Gondora

On30 Kiso Crew Car

On30 Tank Car

On18 Battery Loco

On30 Pax & Freight Car

On30 Flat Car

On30 Simplex Type

On30 Vertical Boiler Loco

On30 Iwate Fuji Car

On30 Whitcomb GL

On30 Kato DL

On30 Kyosan DL

Power Unit 11-103

Power Unit TM-TR02

Power Unit TM-21

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・Added new SE15H motor.
・Added HOn30 Brookville industrial loco..
 (Oct. 20 2016)
・Added somel HOn30 products of ARU model and SUGIYAMA model.
 (May. 04 2016)
・Added somel products of Narrow Garage and Power Units.
 (Apr. 06 2016)
・Added somel products of Aru Model and Pair Hands.
 (Feb. 24 2016)
・Added HOn30 products of Narrow Garage.
 (May 31 2014)
・Added all products of Aru Model.
 (Oct. 17 2013)
・Added Pair Hands new product.
 Kubiki Railway DB81 locomotive.
 (Jun. 09 2013)
・Added new products of Toma
 Model Works.
 (May. 27 2013)
・Added new products of Pair Hands Models.
・Revised prices due to rapid change of Exchange Rate.
 (May. 25 2013)
・Added Pair Hands new products.
 Kusakaru EL.
 Shizuoka DL
 Battery Loco.
・Added Japanese industrial narrow
  gauge model book
 (Oct. 09 2011)
・Added Narrow Garage new product.
 Mini Critter MC-1
 (Aug. 1 2011)
・Added Narrow Garage photos.
・Added Pair Hands new products.
 Kiso Caboose.
 Kiso Crew Car.
 Kiso Low Side Gondora Car.   
 Kato Works Cab Kit
 (Jul 1 2011)
・Added Tenshodo SPUDs for
 motive locos.
 (Feb 16 2011)
・Added Pair Hands new product.
 Vertical Boiler Locomotive.
 (Nov 21 2010)  
・Added Pair Hands new products.
 Passenger & Freight Car
 Flat Car.
 (May 16 2010)  
・Added Narrow Garage new product.
 Plymouth HSG locomotive.
 (May 01 2010)
・Added Pair Hands new products.
 Kyosan Kogyo Diesel Loco.
 Iwate Fuji Inspection Car.
 Simplex Type Car    
 Logging Disconnects.

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